We are thrilled to be offering courses at the world renowned Portland Hospital!

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life with a baby

life with a baby

Lulubaby offer support and advice for London parents and parents-to-be. For first time parents, we provide comprehensive antenatal courses. In addition, we offer paediatric first aid classes and other workshops. We hold classes in several locations in Central & SW London.

Lulunanny, helping you find the right support with your baby

Lulunanny, helping you find the right support with your baby

Nothing is more important than finding the right person to help you in your home with your baby. We are here to help you find that person, ensuring that they are exactly the right fit for you and your family, meeting your requirements.

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The lulubaby team

Our team of experts includes midwives, obstetricians, paediatricians, anaesthetists, G.P.s, breastfeeding consultants, nutritionists, twins experts and baby massage practitioners.

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