The Alma, Old York Road, SW18 (opposite Wandsworth Town station)


Session 1

Looking after yourself

Obstetric physiotherapist

Antenatal teacher

Obstetric Physiotherapist

Your body

Pelvic floor muscles

Common problems, e.g. back complaints

Perineum care

Keeping fit, exercise


Antenatal teacher

Your health

Optimal foetal positioning

Hormonal and physiological changes

Nutritional guidance for 3rd trimester

Session 2

Partners invited


Preparing you and your baby for birth

Signs of labour/ when to go into hospital

Different stages of labour

How to cope with labour

Non pharmacological & pharmacological analgesia



Delivery of placenta/ 3rd stage

Session 3

Medical intervention and postnatal care

Antenatal teacher

Medical intervention


Induction, why & how

Instrumental delivery

Caesarean section & risks

Other complications e.g. breech babies, pre-eclampsia

 Postnatal care and common problems

Your emotional health

Physical issues e.g. lochia, healing

Session 4

Life with your baby
Partners invited

Antenatal teacher

Looking after your baby

What to expect during the early days

How dads can help – practical tips & emotional guidance

How to look after your baby (nappies, handling, bathing, swaddling & soothing your newborn)

Sleep & crying

What about a routine?

Apgar score & Vit K

Meconium, urate crystals

Minor imperfections

Cord care

What your baby can see/ do / sense

What is normal, what is not

SIDS prevention

First immunisations

Session 5

Feeding your baby
Partners invited

Breastfeeding consultant

Feeding your baby

Breastfeeding: how it works, positioning & attachment, the importance of skin to skin, baby’s stools

Weight loss in the first few days


Common problems and how to deal with them

Where to go for support

Bottle feeding and expressing

Looking after yourself

Postnatal Nutritional advice