Sleep support

BABY SLEEP SHAPING AND TROUBLE SHOOTING SPECIALISTS Sometimes, try as we may our babies struggle to sleep through the night, leaving parents feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  We are all parents ourselves and can completely empathise with the demands that becoming a parent brings.

Our team of specialists offer a wealth of knowledge and advice helping parents adopt healthy sleeping habits and routines for their babies and young children.  We know that every child is different and we aim to work with families to create a tailor made plan that takes into account the needs of each family.  We will teach parents to anticipate their baby's signals (feeding and ones of tiredness) and develop a sleeping strategy that is essential for their baby's development and growth.  Our solutions are always gentle and safe designed to follow our instinct to love and cherish our children.


We can arrange for you and some friends to have a private 2 hour workshop with one of our trouble shooting experts in the privacy of your home. Contact us for more information and to arrange a session. 

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