With Mary van der Westhuizen, our nutritional therapist

Come along to a fantastic session in Wandsworth or Fulham (£50) or organise a private session in your own home

How to know when to wean your baby

Which foods to offer first and which to avoid

The difference between baby led weaning and puree spoon feeding

Essential weaning equipment and demos

Optimum nutrition for your baby

Common allergens
Go home with an easy to follow weaning schedule & other useful handouts


Please email Mary direct for latest dates, more information or to organise a private session with friends in your home

18 Sept 2018

10-12 in Fulham

17 October 2018

10-12 in Fulham

21 November 2018

10-12 in Fulham

Private Session

Why not organise a private session at home with your friends? Becky or Mary will come to your home with everything you need. 


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